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User experience is a term used to describe the overall experience and satisfaction a user has when using a product or system. It most commonly refers to a combination of software and business topics, such as selling over the web, but it applies to any result of interaction designWikipedia definition

ux=better product

Based on this definition, then, user experience is the characterization of what a user feels while using any product, this can extend from a car to a mobile phone to a magazine or a child’s toy. Most commonly, however the specific term ‘user experience’ is applied to that of software, web applications and digital devices whereas the more general user-product experiences are referred to as ‘experience design.’

What i do

I'm An individual with a strong drive to putting people first and adding value to their lives through user-driven and user-centric products, systems, experiences, interfaces, services and interactions. Interested in finding alternative and unexplored ways to bridging the gap between efficiency/usability and desirability/like-ability. Definig the right strategy i create user experience effective a functional. Throught Flowchart, wireframe and prototype  getting area clear vision of how it works before the final solution.  Furthermore we need that users expectations are stisfied as perception as value. User experience is a psicological scienze of persuasion applied.

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