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To be displayed on the fist page is important. I offer  a full service, multi-disciplinary approach to SEO, using cutting edge softare, delivered by a market-leading team with unparalleled experience in search in most major industry sectors. Anyway is very important the convertion factor that transforms our users to customers. 

Bigg (google) is  the biggest player with well over 90% of the searches and results provided by their search engine so  is the main focus . I have always found it a rewarding and interesting challenge to work on a website and improve its rankings and traffic. There is no rule book just a lot  of informations which put together in different ways will give you different results. It's like a game, an intellectual game where you never know what your opponent will do next. Only in this case your opponent is Google or Bing etc.  

I'm an SEO consultant based in milan,I can help your business. I've helped publishers, large and small retailers and B2B companies with their search engine optimisation.


  • Content strategy
  • Blog set up and running
  • SEO training
  • Ongoing SEO monitoring and optimisation
  • Keyword research


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